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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Busy, Busy

As I said in the last blog post, the chore list this time of year is never ending!  We’ve had some glorious weather the last few days but the forecast is calling for several days of rain starting this weekend.  So, I was trying to get weed spraying/mowing/weed whacking/flower bed weeding all done today—didn’t make it but close!  The poor CanAm took a step down today—a weed spraying unit!  Our little Kawasaki mule is old and not four wheel drive.  It was great to be able to plough through the irrigation ditches with the four wheel drive CanAm instead of going around all of them.


The riding lawnmower made sure my FitBit received the appropriate number of steps today—I turned off the mower to move some fence posts and the dang thing wouldn’t start when I got back on.  Of course I was as far from the house as possible, down by the road, a half mile away significantly uphill! 

I’m hoping to do some quilting during the up coming rainy days.  I have a t-shirt memory quilt to do for Paul and Kathy—people we met while working down in Texas and I have a graduation quilt to do for a friend/neighbor.  Hope I remember how to use the longarm!

Emmi is loving being home in Montana—she can be outside during the day when Michael is outside—always ready for someone to kick the ball for her.

While mowing our neighbor’s yard I noticed her trees were flowering—I think this is a plum and if so, I sure hope Tammy gets as many plums this year as we did a couple years ago—they made delicious jam!


And the first photo of the season of our mountains--

DSCN2496Our neighbor to the south has a bumper crop of dandelions in his hayfield!


  1. I don't have a fitbit but my iPhone tracks my steps, and Blue's as well, so if I am short a few Blue and I take a ride.

  2. I wear my fitbit in my bra... we laugh on days I mow or get bounced around in some vehicle... my boobs get a real workout ;-) What a fantastic view you have of the mountains and all that's around you. Emmi isn't the only one who's loving it!

  3. Keeping busy is good and I have a Gear Fit to keep me honest:)

  4. The snow is beautiful as long as it stays in the mountains:)


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