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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Spectacular Fall Day

60 degrees, sunshine and no wind—a perfect day for a trip to Billings with the sunroof open.  We needed groceries but we also had some fun errands to do.

As Paulette would say, “score!”  Wool is outrageously priced right now, $30/yard!!!  I’ve loved the wool work I’ve done lately (it’s all Paulette’s fault!) and have some more patterns I would like to try but at $30/yard—that’s a little pricey for a hobby!!!  Well, we visited our local (Billings) Goodwill Store.  I scored a beautiful red jacket, a camel colored jacket and two men’s tweed type jackets, all in 100% wool for the whopping price of $19 total!!  There’s a lot of wool in a jacket!!  Now I have to go back through Paulette’s blog and learn about dying wools!

I made a stop at JoAnn’s while Michael was at Home Depot and purchased a bolt of premium muslin, 90 inches wide at 50% off!!!!  That’s a whole lot of quilt backs!! 

We enjoyed another great lunch at CJ’s and then it was off for more mundane errands—Costco, Sam’s Club (no tables for ironing boards Jeane), and Wal Mart.

Finally we were back to Big Timber visiting with Nat and retrieving Emmi girl.  It was just a good day spent with my cowboy!!



  1. Good to hear you and your cowboy had a fun day out and about with some great "scores."

  2. You're lucky you can still find wool fabrics at GW to recycle. There's a wool sweater shortage in Northern Wis at the resale shops. They are bought up boiled, then cut up to make mittens. They are beautiful when finished!!

  3. Where are you finding quilt patterns for wool? I'm always looking for something nice in about 45 x 45 wall hanging. I like old black trousers from GW for the border and binding. I always wash in hot water and cut the seams off. I have a bunch stored for a nice pattern if I can find it.

  4. I thought I heard a "SCORE!" coming from your neck of the woods!! It sounds like you have yourself some treasures!! Just key in 'dyeing' on my blog for the dyeing segments. It's fun...just like cooking...and we all know how much you love to cook!! But will the cowboy like your new cooking creations??:o)) Smells a lot like mutton when dyeing!!
    Have fun!

  5. That definitely was a way to SCORE!! big time. And good weather too boot.


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