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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Day On The Boulder

Michael and Nat are making great progress on the shed building project.  It’s amazing a 91 year old man can still operate a portable sawmill—he is keeping up with Michael’s demand for boards.

Our snow is slowly leaving but those dang forecasters are hinting at more.  I sure hope John and Brenda get to warmer country before they find snow—they crossed into the US today. 

This time of year our mountain views become even more glorious—the aspen trees in the foothills start to turn golden—it’s hard to get good photos as the groves of trees are a couple miles away.

IMG_8927IMG_8932You can just see the hint of yellow in both these photos.  Maybe we will have to take a drive and get some close ups!

Yoga was great this morning, we had a full house—Nancy and I say all the time, “we are so lucky to be able to do this so close to home.” 

I have another huge quilt on the frame, all loaded and ready for quilting.  It’s a quilt for Jane and Doug’s cabin up the Boulder—flannels, just right for a log cabin.

Just a day of this and that but still a good day on the Boulder.


  1. Sure looks like a drive to see the aspens is in order.

  2. We crossed the border yesterday ourselves. The Wyoming border that is. Made it 300 miles to Rawlins and will cross into Colorado today. North Ranch on Friday, if the Lord in willing !!! ;-)

  3. We also crossed the border - from British Columbia into Alberta. We are very near where Brenda and JB's Dog Pound north ranch is....but be darned if they skipped out for Dog Pound south. We also hope they are south of the Montana snow belt now!

  4. The mountains look so nice with the snow - as long as most of it stays up there. Too bad John and Brenda weren't able to stop in for a visit.

  5. We made it to Dogpound South safe and sound. Other than a skiff of blowing snow as we came down off the Monida into Idaho, we had good roads all the way. Sad we missed our visit at your place this year but maybe we'll catch up later in the winter in Arizona.


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