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Friday, October 4, 2013

Mother Nature Has A Fit

We probably had about 10-12 inches of snow on the ground when we left for Sarge and Sarah’s yesterday afternoon late.  Some would question our sanity, traveling in this kind of weather but Michael grew up in Montana and there isn’t much that stops him.   By the time we got to Big Timber, there was just a sprinkling of snow and in Livingston, no snow, the freeway was just wet. 

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at Sarge and Sarah’s getting to meet Sarah’s sister Deb and her husband Mike.  They have a home near Livingston and spend winters in Las Vegas.  Dinner was outstanding—a rice and chicken dish that was very tasty.  Sarah had also made three different kinds of ice cream—chocolate, peach and licorice (Sarge likes licorice).  We started home about 8:30 and entered a whole different world.

While we had been eating, visiting and drinking wine, the snow had arrived—it took us three hours to get home—more than twice what it usually takes us.  The wind was howling making visibility very poor—at least folks on the freeway were driving carefully, even the truckers.  We just puttered along and the fun really started when we got to our driveway—Michael tried it without chains as he really didn’t want to get out in the deep snow and howling wind to put the chains on the tires—but nope, we weren’t going anywhere with over two feet of snow on the driveway.  Even with chains it was a really tough trip up our half mile driveway—a couple times I thought we were going to be walking.

This morning I went out onto the deck and measured—two feet—holy smokes Mother Nature did you have to send our whole winter’s moisture in one dumping???  Michael spent a lot of his day plowing snow, I went to yoga and finished a chore I had been putting off—removing everything which might freeze from the motorhome.  I did manage to un-earth or shall we say, un-snow the vehicles which weren’t in the garage—the truck and Cadillac.  Here’s some photos of our winter wonderland.

IMG_8836-001Lunch on the deck anyone??


IMG_8849IMG_8850The county road gets plowed because the workers have to get to the mine—these turkeys were taking advantage of the plowed surface.

IMG_8851East Boulder RiverIMG_8853Geoff and Nancy’s house where we have yoga.

IMG_8856I feel sorry for the animals struggling through the deep snow.

IMG_8863My Cadillac is under there somewhere!

IMG_8855Karen from Karen In The Woods sent me a quilt for quilting and it arrived today—imagine my surprise when I found a little package inside which contained this pair of socks Karen knitted—THANKS Karen—if this snow keeps up I may need them!!


  1. That is incredible. Todd said they didn't get any snow in Billings - only rain. I'm just blown away by the amount of snow you got. Just blown away.

  2. Amazing, I have seen this on the weather channel as we await the arrival of "Karen" We sure are having some wild weather:(

  3. It's just too early for all that snow...but still better than the tornadoes here in Nebraska. Thankfully, we just got some rain.

  4. quite the winter wonderland!! almost looks like a Christmas Card!!

  5. That sure is a heck of a lot of snow especially for early October. Great pics of the deer running through the fields.

  6. Wow is all I have to say lol. What a nice gift from Karen. Stay warm

  7. Egad! All of that snow is making me a little nervous about being stuck in Minnesota.

  8. What beautiful photos! Fresh snow makes such gorgeous scenery...BUT not this early! If it makes you feel warmer, it was 86 here yesterday. We have been in the 80's for a few days and looks like it will stay til Monday. With the higher humidity, it is definitely summer again.

    I love the photo of the deer:) Beautiful framing in that first shot:)

    Stay warm!!

  9. To early for all that snow. Beautiful pictures. You are going to love the socks from Karen. They will keep your toes oh so warm. Enjoy!

  10. OMG!! Now that is a lot of snow!! I hate to tell you this but Sandy and I went to a Quilter's Garage Sale and then ate lunch on an outdoor patio...heaven!! Beautiful, warm sunny day! :o}} Just sayin'...certainly NOT rubbing it in!
    Have fun!

  11. Stunningly beautiful photos. The snow brings back nice memories of our youth in Alberta. That said, we enjoy seeing the photos from afar. Keep warm!

  12. OM...OMG....I sure don't envy you the snow. Man-o-man that is a lot of that white stuff in a short amount of time. But your pictures are very beautiful.


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