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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Michael

Fall and winter, that’s what we have around here, gold and red leaves with a background of snow.  The snow did melt some today but it is still white!  Many of the aspen leaves are just dropping off which is probably what will happen to all of them—they will not turn gold but instead will turn black and fall off.  So much for fall—let’s just head on into winter.  Our Canadian friends, John and Brenda are making plans to head south of the medicine line planning a stop here that was to have included some riding.  So much for that idea Mother Nature.  I think the plan now is to see them in Arizona—in much warmer country!

IMG_8899Look at our smart dog—the snow is so deep on either side of this cattle guard, Emmi can’t go around as she usually does—so she is getting very adapt at walking the cattle guard.

Today is my dear husband Michael’s birthday—he requested a simple celebration so that’s what we had—steaks on the grill and Nat came up to join us.  I did make chocolate cupcakes and presented Michael’s to him with a candle!  Happy Birthday, Michael, may we have many, many more together!

IMG_8900Fall and winter




Boredom set in for Michael today and he braved the mud—when he plowed our driveway, he also plowed the snow from around his shed project.  Today he slogged around in the mud setting a new truss. I spent the afternoon finishing up LoraLee’s quilt—the thread arrived on Friday—and making the binding strips. 



  1. Happy birthday to Michael. Cool weather arrived in the deep South last night, but nothing like yours, though. Hope to run into you down in Arizona sometimes after the New Year.

  2. Happy Birthday Michael. A steak and a chocolate cupcake. Sounds awful good to me. I'm still amazed at the amount of snow you got.

  3. Happy Birthday to Michael!

    I do believe that we are slowing losing two seasons, fall and spring. It seems we jump quickly from winter to summer and summer to winter faster each year.

    Smart little doggy there:)

  4. Happy birthday Michael! hope you had a fabulous day!

  5. Happy Birthday to Michael!

    Your photos of the trees and snow are just beautiful.

  6. Howdy Y'all,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIKE and many, many more HAPPY ONES !!! The SNOW looks pretty, Janna, but it's nasty to try to work in... Emmi ain't no fool; she knows what those cross-pieces are for, keep outta the snow and keep her 'tootsies' dry !!!!
    Hope the winter is an 'easy' one, with just a 'little bit' of snow.....

  7. Happy Birthday Michael. Boredom set in? With all of that snow to plow I would have thought you would have had a busy, busy day. Just kidding, of course!


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