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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What A Day

Geez, when you haven’t been to the big city in a month it makes for a very, very long day.  Couple that with frustrations and it makes for an even longer day!

Did you know that if you purchase an Apple product at a Best Buy store and it dies in less than a year Best Buy will do absolutely nothing about it????  And as we live in Montana, a state that even FedEx has trouble finding sometimes, there is no Apple store.  Nope, not one Apple store.  So, Apple is now sending me overnight a box with which to ship my iPod back to them—they will then ship me a new one overnight.  I have to say, at least Apple is going the extra mile!

We were surprised last year when researching the purchase of the iPod that Costco does not sell Apple products.  The young man who helped us said that Apple would not work with Costco and so Costco chose not to sell their products.  Costco stands behind the electronics they sell—you can return anything within one year of purchase and you get your money back.  Guess where I’m shopping for electronics from now on.  After the non-service Best Buy gave us on the Toshiba laptop I purchased for Michael last Christmas and now this, nope, not sure I’m gonna be a Best Buy shopper any more!

Michael got his eyes examined at Costco and that’s another story.  I got a much needed haircut and an even more needed coloring of the gray!  We had lunch at Famous Dave’s then it was on to Costco where began the next frustration—yep, even Costco wasn’t immune today!

What store in their right mind would rearrange the whole store right before the holiday season???  I swear it took us twice as long to shop for groceries today.  And they didn’t do a minor overhaul—it was major!!!  Gum and candy, used to be at the front of the store, nope, all the way in the back now.  Couldn’t find the peanut butter for the longest time.  Every woman I passed in the aisles was grumbling under her breath about the “new look”!!!  GEEZ!!

So, here it is after 7pm and we are just now sitting down after unloading our truck!  Had a great chat with Rollie on the way home—he and Gina along with Rollie’s sister Dana and her husband Ricky are headed off on a cruise this weekend.  I told Rollie that since he would have so much free time on this cruise, maybe he could write a blog????

A long day and good to be home.


  1. That's not good news about Costco! I'm wondering if mine will be all messed up when we get home. I think they do that so shoppers will have to wander around the store and find things to buy that they wouldn't have bought otherwise. Marketing!! I agree with you in Best Buy - will NOT shop there.

  2. Janna,
    I wonder if Costco is trying to do the same trick that Wal-Mart did last year? Wal-Mart completely rearranged their stores and made the isles a lot wider. They tried to disguise the fact that they now carry a lot less items in their stores, and the choice of brands is a lot less now.

  3. glad to hear that Apple is coming through for you!..we love Costco but not if they mess with store!..I hate when that happens..they did that to our regular grocery store! I can't find anything ..and it doesn't flow the way it use too!!..geesh!.can't they leave well enough alone?

  4. I know about Best Buy and their terrible policies. When we bought our new I phones this year mine didn't work from the getgo and I returned it the next day and they were not going to replace it. I had a fit in the store and they did but told me I would have to deal with the Apple store next time. Then the protection covers we bought for them ( that have a life time warranty) and I paid $30.00 dollars for came off and I took it back to Best Buy NOPE you have to deal with the company that it came from. I am never buying anything from that store again.

    Take Care

  5. That's strange about Apple not selling products in Costco because they do sell iPods etc. in their Canadian stores. Must be a different deal or something.

    The Costco's here are all new to me so I wouldn't even know if they've been rearranged.

    Thanks for the tip on Best Buy - maybe it should be 'Don't Buy'!


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