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Friday, November 25, 2011

It Came A Blizzard Today

Yikes!  While Michael was splitting firewood the Montana wayIMG_1206 a nasty storm blew in and on that bare ground in the photo we got about 3 inches of snow half of which promptly got blown into the next county.  The temps dropped 10 degrees very rapidly and the rest of the day was blustery and cold. IMG_1208

I made about a dozen trips up and down the stairs retrieving Christmas decorations.  Tonight the tree is up and the lights are on but no decorations yet.  For lunch we had leftovers—once again, very good! 

Just after lunch we went into Big Timber to do the only Black Friday shopping we were going to do.  No bargain could entice me to Billings today, nothing!  I used to go out on Black Friday with my sister and Mom when I lived in Arkansas but since moving to Montana, nope, not worth it!  I did hear a rumor that Gina and Rollie were out with Rollie’s sister Dana and her husband Ricky at the ungodly hour of 3:30am!!!!  They found a few bargains.  I did a little shopping at Cinnabar Creek and then we went out to Nat’s and put up a little Christmas tree for him. 

Saw Santa and rumor has it we really know him quite well.  Saw Santa’s wife and had a nice chat. 

Exchanged a few text messages with Gina—they were home watching the LSU/Arkansas game and were gloating just a little!  I bet there are some unhappy Razorback fans tonight!

On the way home from town the sun going down gave the clouds awesome colors.IMG_1227


  1. Christmas trees already!!?? tree here yet..just the cards on the table waiting to be done!..have a great weekend..hope the weather warms up a bit!


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