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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Success, The Engine Is Out

IMG_1111 This was at 2:30pm this afternoon—this little old thermometer read 10 above early this morning, BRRRR!

Michael went up the Boulder to do some more fireplace work and when he came home managed to get the engine out of the Ford truck.  He comes into the quilting studio and asks, “can you come help me a minute?”  Sure, why not—whoa, wait a minute, you want me to operate the backhoe????  What if I drop the thing???  What if I ding up the truck????IMG_1106 Success, the engine has cleared the truck and I didn’t destroy anything!  Michael finished up the job-IMG_1109 Thank goodness we have equipment!

I spent the day working on a customer quilt and got about halfway—yea!  I have lots of quilts to finish before we leave for the winter and it makes my day when things go well! 

Emmi girl was outside all day—as long as the sun is shining she is a happy girl in spite of the cold.  She needed her coat this morning--IMG_1102

And since Mr. Rollie is way too busy to write a blog I wanted all you guys out there to see Rollie, Gina and their new grandbaby—Abigail Faith—she is absolutely adorableThurstons Michael remarked when he saw the photos, “she has more hair than her Grandpa!”  Such a little sweetheart! 

Congratulations to Kelly over at the Bayfield Bunch—she has a new grandbaby, too. 



  1. great pictures...sweet baby and what a head of hair she has...good job on the engine go girlfriend..if it has wheels you can drive it :)

  2. Howdy J&M,
    GREAT JOB, Janna!!! Now if only Michael could quilt!!! Sure do thank you for the Abigail notice!!
    The last we heard from Rollie was she was born PERIOD.. G-pas & G-mas
    are supposed to blog about the new baby every day for the first year!!

    They sure don't look like they're very happy with her; do they!!! Of
    course she has a lot of hair..she's
    a Cajun.. Bet she can already fais
    do do, AIEEEE, I garontee!!!

  3. Cute baby, and it is sure starting to look like winter is just around the corner in your neck of the woods.

  4. A very cute baby!! Nice pictures today. Good luck with that engine:)

  5. you are a brave woman Janna!..picking up the engine and not dropping it where you weren't suppose to!! the picture of Abigail!..she is a cutie patootie!!

  6. Hm, somehow I can't quite imagine my wife at the controls of a backhoe. She has other "talents" though, so that's OK)
    Not sure how a life as a Registered Nurse prepares you for that. Lifting patients?
    I have done that "can you just help me for a minute?" thing with her though, and it usually involves DETAILED instructions.
    If I see you digging a ditch with that thing, then that would really blow me away.

  7. Good for you operating the backhoe. I once dumped a whole load of potted Cedar trees off a palette when I mistakenly tipped the forks of a skid steer forward while unloading a truck at a local garden center.

  8. Good job girl. I am not surprised at all that you did that so well and yes thanks for posting the picture of Rollie, Gina and Abigail Faith. OMG she is Sooooo Cutie.

    Take Care


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