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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Need To Get Out More

It was a long, long day of travel yesterday with connecting flights in two cities.  When I consulted for the Kimberly-Clark company, I traveled a lot, at least twice a month I was on an airplane, sometimes more frequently.  I had all the perks--airline status (which I miss significantly) and hotel points.  I flew in first class more often than I did in coach.  I loved my job and the travel that went with it--Michael accompanied me sometimes to places such as Nova Scotia and Hawaii.  Then September 11 happened and travel became NOT fun anymore.  The Kimberly-Clark Corp. changed too and my job became really NOT fun.  So, retired I became.

It's been a while since I was on an airplane, the crazy security practices haven't changed--tell me what difference it makes if I have my liquids and gels in a plastic bag versus my suitcase????  Tell me what difference it makes if I take off my scarf and coat???  Do these security practices make me feel safer--not one little bit, not one little bit!!!!  And airlines charging to carry your luggage--give me a break!!  So, you get to the plane late, no room in the bins, they then will check your bag for free!!  The poor flight attendants are now luggage police trying to fit everyones bags into the overheads because people are sick to death of being pushed around and aren't going to pay to check their luggage, me included.

And did you know the airlines no longer take cash for booze???  As I said above, it's been a while since I flew!!!!  The woman I sat next to on the plane was one big bag of nerves--for one thing, she needed a cigarette in the worst way!  When the flight attendant wouldn't take her cash for a drink, she went ballistic as she didn't have a credit card!  I was going to say, "wait, wait, let me buy you a drink!" but our other seatmate beat me to it!!!!

Flights were on time and Mom and Chuck were there waiting to pick me and my unchecked bag up.  It was late when we arrived at their house and we all headed off to bed.

A day in Arkansas is about to begin.  I will try to take some photos today to add tonight!


  1. I too traveled a lot and it helped me to think that without all those goofy new rules there would be so many more unemployable people out on the streets. I mean really some of those security folks would be unable to hold a job in the real world.

  2. Sure sounds like it was a 'wee bit' stressful!..glad you arrived safely..enjoy your visit!!

  3. lol it sounds like you were sitting beside ME on that plane. I am so feed up with the Airlines you would think with all of the taxes you have to pay on your ticket the least they could do is carry your bags for you!!!!!

    Have a great time with your family Janna.

  4. The 9/11 terrorists were successful, weren't they? They made so many aspects of our lives one big hassle and caused our government to take away even more of our "freedoms". People don't feel safe in their own country any more and Big Brother (Homeland Security)has it's fingers in every pie. Total BS.

  5. I really understand your thoughts on air travel. I too traveled extensively - world wide - and following 9/11, the idea of air travel was something I desperately tried to avoid. I still do!

    I concur with JB's comment but would go one step further to state that it takes an IQ of one's shoe size to work on/with/at/for any airport security or border security. We have lost our 'common sense'! Our politicians (in all countries) have too! And we are not really any safer for all of these new regulations. 9/11 pretty well forced us into a silly police like state.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday from here on.

  6. air service sure isn't there any more...I always thought the 'customer' came first...what a world we live in when you can't use 'cash' to pay for nuts is that...our check in thru security last month was crazy..take off your belts and shoes..why????? Take off your sweater!! Why???? no one ever seems to have the answer for my 'whys'...I will say I've found west jet to be the best...and they have no control over the security personnel...enjoy your time with your family...!!!

  7. Haven't flown since about 1998 (Florida)and chances are I won't have to fly again. I wouldn't have a lot of patience for all that stuff. Arkansas looked so pretty with all it's forests and colored leaves the other day I said to Kelly, 'might just be an OK place to live year round.' Close to the Southwest and no harsh winters like we get in Ontario.

  8. I'm so glad I don't have to fly anymore......I get real worried when I see a guy with a "Turbin" come in and sit down.....I sure hope they checked him out good and made him take everything off....
    Enjoy time with family....

  9. Flying just isn't what it use to be... Horrible that they are nickeling & dimeing everything. Glad you arrived safely ~ my daughter lives in Arkansas and it is a pretty state.
    Have fun


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