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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Luncheon and A Whole Lot Of Not Much Else

Wow, Apple does take care of you.  I spoke with the Apple people yesterday afternoon on our way home from Billings, the young lady said my box would ship out for overnight delivery and I should receive the box on Friday.  About 4pm, the Federal Express man drove in our driveway a day early!!!  In order to send the iPod back I would have had to go to town tomorrow.  I asked the young man if he would mind waiting while I packaged up the iPod and he readily agreed.  I was impressed!  So, off it went, overnight to where ever Apple is.

My friend Jeane is on the board of a local organization Sweet Grass Health and Wellness.  They held  a fundraising luncheon in Big Timber today and I was one of Jeane’s guests.  The entertainment was so cool, little tiny tikes, 2-5 years old hoola hooping!  It was amazing how long one little boy could keep that adult size hoola hoop up around his waist.  He received a rousing round of applause!! 

I ran a couple errands, one of which involved dropping off color cards for thread to one of my quilting buddies, Mary, who is the financial officer at the local health care facility, Pioneer Medical Center.  While there I decided to go visit some elderly friends in the nursing home—Jim was glad to see me, recognized me and I promised to go back with Michael in tow.  Jim and his late wife Beryl at one time owned the ranch that adjoins ours.  Maxine and her late husband Barney used to own another ranch just up the road from us—not sure Maxine recognized me—she was intent on playing a nursing home version of the TV show Wheel of Fortune. 

Michael finished his fireplace project up the Boulder today and that is the last of his jobs for the season or so he thought!  One of the neighbors of the woman who contracted with Michael to build the trail up the side of the mountain wants a trail up the back of her property—she waylaid me at the luncheon today.  So, he may not be finished!  On the other hand, the weather forecast for the weekend is for snow so any more excavating work may be on hold till spring. 

And other than playing with Emmi, that’s about it for our Thursday.

When Emmi wants something she can be VERY persistent.  Her spot of choice is Michael’s lap and here is what she does if something other than herself is occupying the lap:IMG_1165 She gives him the “stare.”  And she can maintain that stare for a long, long time until he finally gives in and moves the computer over to the side table.IMG_1166 Finally, she says!!

One of our local rancher friends has a field which grew grain this summer.  Throughout the fall we have noticed several pheasants eating up the leftovers.

IMG_1168 IMG_1167


  1. LOL our Duke does the same thing to Steve... except with the newspaper. He will even duck his head underneath it and stare up into his face - crinkling the paper up outta his way!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Emmi is a pushy girl!..glad to see she got her way!

  3. Ha ha, my little girl jumps right on the keyboard and looks up at me that way,,,,,,,Ya gotta love 'em!

  4. Apple really has their act together on repairs. Don't be too surprised if you actually receive a brand new iPod in return. Quite often, rather than spending time immediately on repairs they'll just turn your iPod over to their 'refurbish' department and send the owner an brand new one!

  5. Howdy J&M,
    LOAD THAT BUS UP AND GO!!! I was in the construction business and they'll keep you pinned down until the snow gets so deep you CAN'T
    LEAVE.. It'll be warmer in the spring, anyhow... Loved your pics today; always do!! Have a wonderful
    week-end and remember the VETERANS!!

    Be safe and warm,


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