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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Upside Down Day

IMG_1098 At least that’s what it feels like for me tonight!  We took a walk in the chilly morning then Michael headed off to work on his fireplace project up the Boulder. 

I loaded a customer quilt, talked on the phone and fixed lunch—the Pioneer Woman corn chowder and a spinach salad.

Then it was time to head to town—we had an appointment with our attorney to re-do our wills which hadn’t been reworked since we sold our ranch almost six years ago—kind of past due!  Several more errands and off for home.

The weather had been strange all day—sun, then clouds, spitting rain and snow.  When we started home from town our little valley looked as if winter was arriving but by the time we drove in the driveway the sun was shining.

We hadn’t been home long when the phone rang, our friends who own the little “inconvenience” store in Neihart which we visit often were in Big Timber visiting their daughter and wanted to come up.  Nancy has never been to this house and Royal wanted her to see it.  We invited them for dinner—after all, I had made three batches of spaghetti sauce yesterday.

Royal and Nancy arrived bringing a nice bottle of wine—we had a great evening.  Sometimes the “new” spouse feels left out of the conversation—not understanding all the old stories, etc.  Not so with this couple—they are just the nicest people to talk to.  I enjoy listening to Mike and Royal’s stories even if I have heard the tales before!   Royal and Nancy have experienced a tragedy, the loss of a child, and it seems to have strengthened their sense of right, wrong and what is important in life.  They are special folks without a doubt. 

As they were leaving a few minutes ago and we all stepped outside, we were greeted with white stuff—yep, the ground is white for the first time this year.

Paula, this is for you—I finished sewing the binding on this little quilt today—isn’t he just the cutest turkey???



  1. sometimes those 'impromptu' dinners are the best!!..nice work on the quilt!..the colours are very autumnal!!

  2. Paulette gives you '2 thumbs up' for the Turkey Quilt!!!

    Snow? Yikes!

  3. Thank you! When I saw the quilt I felt my eyes light up and I said "WOW"! I love it and Thank you so much for sharing it.


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