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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wedding Preparation

Last night due to our early rising hour yesterday morning, Michael went to bed early—I stayed up and sewed.  Right after I went to bed and laid my head on the pillow bright streaks of lightening lighted up the bedroom and the sharp crack/boom of thunder followed immediately and rumbled for what seemed like forever.  Michael was sound asleep but when the thunder sounded, he sat straight up and was quite agitated—I tried really hard not to laugh, really I did!  We got some nice rain last night and today has been hot.

Due to the rain our walk was shorter this morning, too muddy to walk up in the hayfields.

I spent the entire day cooking—I made a gallon of poppy seed salad dressing, cooked pounds of bacon for baked beans, baked a cream cheese pound cake and bread and cooked onions for the baked beans.  I’ve got all the ingredients for the beans measured out so all we have to do Saturday is dump it with the beans into the roasting pans.  Whew, I need to put my feet up! 

Michael worked on our irrigating ditches most of the morning and then drove Steve’s truck into the garage to work on it—he got the exhaust pipes on today.

This afternoon late I staked my tomato plants, I might get a tomato before the plants freeze come fall!

Baby Robin One of the baby robins from the nest in our spruce tree that I really need to water—come on babies, it is time to leave the nest!

On the rock What is it with schnauzers and rocks??  Jazz too loved to sit and stand on rocks, this particular rock was a favorite of Jazz’s—she used to sit on it and wait for Nat to come into the yard. 


  1. We finalized our plans and it looks like we won't be able to meet up this time around. We'll be going down 287 to WY and south of the Grand Tetons. Sigh....

  2. I think little schnauzers really want to be big dogs, so they get on the rock so they think they're bigger. :)


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