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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Is It July?

Woke to a totally cloudy, looks like it was going to pour rain kind of morning.  Here at 3pm it is still less than 70 degrees and the wind is howling.  But, at least the sun has come out!

We’ve spent the day sprucing up the place getting ready for our July 4 party tomorrow.  Mowed and weed whacked around the worm fence down by the road.  Judy wanted to know why the fence was called a worm fence—maybe because it looks like a worm inching along the ground??  It is an extremely old type of fencing, you don’t see much of it today but when I wanted a fence down by the road, Nat built me a worm fence.

Michael did some irrigation ditch work today putting in a larger culvert so all the water would go into the irrigation ditch instead of overflowing the ditch and ending up in our little creek.  For the last couple of days we have had a river in our creek instead of its usual pleasant sounding little flow.  But, now it is fixed!

We are off to a wedding this evening—Larry and Kelly’s daughter Bonnie is getting married.  It is an outdoor ceremony so let’s hope it is warmer in town and less windy—yeah, right!

a little sun

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