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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plain Old Tuesday

Not much going on around here in my world today.  I did manage to do laundry, cook lunch and get a quilt belonging to my Aunt Marg loaded on the quilting frame.

Strange weather, cool, cloudy and breezy—a 50% chance of rain but it hasn’t happened yet.  Tried to dry clothes outside on the clothesline today but couldn’t get the clothes dry, so into the dryer they went this afternoon.

Michael has had a huge set back today—he began taking the turbo out of our newer Ford diesel pickup today and stripped a bolt that is located beyond reach.  All the Ford forums he reads state that in many cases if this happens you must take the cab off the truck???!!!!  He is beyond depressed and I can’t blame him but I also can’t help but think he will sleep on it and find a solution. 

I promised no more wedding photos--

Mountains and shadows

Mtns through the grass

Red Berries We have a bush covered in these vivid red berries—anyone know what bush this is?

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