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Friday, November 21, 2014

Trip To Billings and Quilts

One last trip to Billings, probably.  Michael had an appointment with the dermatologist and now he looks as if he has chicken pox again.  The dermatologist wrote him two prescriptions, one for a persistent eczema type rash on his hand and one other prescription for another issue.  I also refilled a prescription for the one medication he takes on a daily basis—$50 for a three month supply.  Well, when I went to the Costco counter the young woman helping me said, “do you know how much these medications cost??”  I said, “no, enlighten me!”   Are you sitting down???  The rash cream—$384 for a small tube, the other prescription which was for a solution—$976!!!!!!!  Needless to say I got his regular meds and left the other two behind—good grief!!  The pharmacy person said they had received many prescriptions for the solution but NO ONE had paid the price!!

Costco was an absolute zoo—I don’t think we have ever seen that kind of line up at the check out counters—you would have thought it was the day before Thanksgiving instead of the Friday before!!  We filled our cart with too much stuff as usual but did manage to get a couple Christmas presents. 

I enjoyed my last good haircut until I return in the spring—I adore my hairdresser and she has never steered me wrong, always on time, pleasant, cheerful.  A young woman who is married to a Billings’ police officer and they have two small children. 

We stopped by the Verizon store and purchased a JetPack device—we’ve always used an aircard with Millenicom but now that Millenicom is no more we had to head in another direction.  We also purchased a Wilson Sleek booster—had to send Nina a quick email to find out if we were getting the correct booster—yep, we did.

Lunch at CJ’s completed our day and we were heading out of Billings and all the hub-bub by 3pm.  The whole state of Montana contains less than one million people but I swear there were 999,000 in Billings today—busy!!


Yesterday after yoga I had lunch with Jeane and delivered her quilts—she loved them.  Here is a photo of the sweetest little quilt called Warm Winter Blessings—I have the pattern and it’s on my list! Paulette over in blogland recently scored a reduced price kit to make this little jewel.



  1. Sheesh! Those prescription creams are ridiculously costly!!!!

    We purchased the Verizon Jet Pak and it is far better and faster than any RV Park WiFi service. We are ver satisfied, so far. We opted for the pay as we go 10 gigs/month - no contract plan. We can stop the service at no cost when we return to Canada.

  2. I can't say I blame you for leaving those two other meds there. Unless they are life changing, nothing is worth that!

    That is one beautiful quilt!! But palm trees would be much warmer:)

  3. You could always stop in Yuma and get a cut plus at SportClips! ;) I even have a half off coupon for you...

  4. Janna, Could you tell me where you order those good mousetraps from? Looks like I'll need some more this winter. You could email me at altsclmarm at gmail dot com

  5. OMGosh!! That quilt is gorgeous!! Your quilting is the icing on the cake! WOW!!

  6. Bill's dentist ordered a "sleep test" kit for him last month. He did the test and shipped it back. He gets the invoice yesterday: $8,299.00 with a courtesy discount of $8,000, making his cost $299. Over $8K?!?!? Who would ever pay that? Makes me need more blood pressure medicine just thinking about it :-( I keep telling my hairdresser she's going to love visiting all the great places I'll be when she flies out to give me a cut and dye job! Love the stitch pattern in that blue.....looks like swirling water :-)

  7. I'd need a pretty good tranquilizer after finding out the cost of that medication. What are doctor's thinking sometimes?

  8. You do BEAUTIFUL WORK !! Would you quilt for me ??

    1. Cindy--I love to quilt--if it fits in my schedule I would love to quilt for you! When we go south for the winter I don't take the longarm with me.


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