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Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Day Trip



Judging from all the flowers we saw in Wickenburg, AZ today, spring is certainly here in this neck of the woods.  Emmi let us sleep in today, Michael might have slept a little better last night and all was right with the world!  We took a long walk after asking Jim and Ellie and Gina and Rollie to join us on a day trip to the little western town of Wickenburg.  Just after noon we headed off with us in one car with Miss Emmi and the rest of the gang in Jim and Ellie’s car. 

First stop was Anita’s, a very popular Mexican restaurant—we have eaten there just a few times!  Our friends who live near Wickenburg, Caryl and Jerry met us at the restaurant to pick up a quilt and to visit.  Caryl told us about all the must see sights, a few we hadn’t heard about—just last winter the city of Wickenburg commissioned all these realistic and life size painted bronzes—the statues are scattered all about town and some of them are very startling! 

Jailbird bronze Now doesn’t he look like a real jailbird??  He is sitting next to the actual tree to which prisoners were tied in the late 1800’s due to lack of a jail.  

Waiting for the trainThis lady is waiting for the train to take her to Wickenburg to teach school—this bronze was down next to the old train depot.

Realistic snake Now if you just happened to be walking along not knowing about these bronzes—Caryl told us that some of the statues were on the ground—would this one not startle you???  Jim gave this one a wide berth!

Emmi & the spider Even Emmi did a double take when she saw this critter!

We worked up an appetite for ice cream after walking around town then it was on to the quilt store which is owned by a friend of Caryl’s.  I am going to make Ellie a Mexican Star quilt—Caryl had one made up hanging in the quilt store and I wanted Ellie to see it. 

Next on our list was a trip to check out potential boondocking spots near Wickenburg.  vulture peak

I think we could park our RV there—beautiful!  Jim & Ellie and Rollie & Gina wanted to take a look at the Escapee’s park in nearby Congress so we dropped them off there and headed to Caryl and Jerry’s just purchased newly remodeled home.  They purchased a beautiful piece of property that borders state land and has gorgeous views.  They have sold their lots and park models in North Ranch, their place in Montana and their motor home and will live year round in Congress. 

It was just a special day with great friends.  Al from the Bayfield Bunch must have gotten really tired of that wind in California and shipped it over here to us—it is howling tonight!

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