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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Finds and Harquahala Peak


Thursday was a yoga day and when I came home Michael was ready to roll—we were on a mission to buy some light fixtures—really nice light fixtures advertised on the Facebook Wickenburg online garage sale site.  Back in Wickenburg after retrieving the bathroom light fixtures we stopped at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store finding some more treasures.

Friday the ATV gang rode up Harquahala Peak with Tom and Sandy leading the way.  It’s a ride we never tire of—the road was in much better shape than in past years and the weather perfect!  There were seven rigs with eleven people and we had a great day!


Back home it was into the shower to wash away the dust before heading to Wickenburg for dinner with everyone.  The Bar 7 was packed—lots and lots of winter visitors and cowboys in town! 

Today we were off on another mission—to buy a black refrigerator to match the rest of our appliances—that white one we have just wasn’t cutting it!  My phone GPS had a little trouble finding the right spot—it’s a swanky subdivision just south of Wickenburg and there are zero street signs.  The homeowners had recently switched to stainless steel appliances from black—and the wife was all ready realizing how difficult stainless steel is to keep clean.  The new to us refrigerator has ice and water in the door—something we’ve grown accustomed to with our refrigerator in Montana.

IMG_4481Other worldly landscape!

Larry and Geri came over and helped us move the new refrigerator (minus its doors before it would fit) into the house.  As I type this blog the cowboy is under the house running a water line—the refrigerator used to sit in the middle of the kitchen, now it sits along a wall—so plumbing was required!  Once again I am sure glad I am married to a handy cowboy!


Seems Ms. Emmi has been harrassing the neighbors—our next-door neighbor came over to tell us the last two times we’ve left Emmi alone she has howled the entire time we were gone.  Not good and not acceptable.  Larry and Geri have loaned us a device called Bark Off and we will see if it works—it evidently emits a sound dogs don’t like—sure hope it works. 


  1. That's good to know about the Harquahala road being in better shape. Been in the back of my mind all winter for Pheebs & I to take a drive on up there one of these days.

  2. Your dog may have separation anxiety. It's a common problem. Here is what I found at the dog whisperers site:

  3. I'm still stumbling over the pronunciation of Harqualhala ;-) Beautiful photos!

  4. I always enjoyed hunting down treasures when making a new home - sounds like you're finding some great ones! So much fun to play in the desert with lots of good friends - and the views are amazing. Hope the gizmo works to quiet Ms Emmi. Does she do better in the motorhome? Might be an option if she's still not happy in the house.

  5. Glad the neighbor let you know about Emmi. Hope you find a solution. A howling dog can get on your nerves.


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