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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4 Weekend Is Over

Whew! That was one busy July 4 weekend—mixed in with haying we were meeting ourselves coming and going. Guess we got what we deserved for being such social butterflies! SmileOn Sunday we attended our last holiday weekend event—the wedding of Megan and Michael—Megan is the daughter of our good friends Kelli and Larry. Megan and Michael are both in the USAF stationed in Washington, D.C. but chose to celebrate their wedding in Montana.  As there have been no photos posted online of the wedding I won’t post any here until I’ve seen photographs on Megan’s or Bonnie’s (her sister) Facebook page. 

Michael was in the hayfield before 8am this morning—it was very hot and windy yesterday making it difficult to bale the hay—he’s just now coming in the house at 7pm.  Emmi and I took a walk then it was on to quilting for me—I’m working on another special quilt for my friend Donna—her great-grandmother made the Dresden plate blocks!!  It took me a while to mark the quilt and I finished almost all the stitch in the ditch. 

Emmi and I played taxi driver for the cowboy ferrying him to and from the hayfield.  He is finished haying on the ranch we formerly owned—that’s a relief to him! 

Here’s a couple non-wedding party photos from yesterday:

IMG_3274Isn’t that a handsome cowboy???

IMG_3277Our friend Jill.

It was a beautiful day—80 degrees and a cool breeze—doesn’t get much better than that!  For some reason most of the time we don’t have too many mosquitoes here on our place—there are years when the dang bugs are worse than others but for the most part, we are lucky.  Not so everywhere else we went this weekend—my ankles look as if I have chicken pox!!  At Jill’s on Thursday night she gave me some kind of non-toxic bug spray—thus my ankles look as if I have chicken pox!! SmileI am a mosquito magnet so on the 4th and at the wedding yesterday I used the toxic stuff—with DEET—no new bites.  The cowboy doesn’t have any bites—and he used no bug spray--what’s up with that???


  1. Nice picture of you two. My brother-in-law never gets bitten by mosquitoes, and they live in an area where they are plentiful, which means the rest of us dare not go outside at their place. Thankfully he wised up a few years back and built a screened in porch off the living room.

  2. It was a weekend filled with work and socilization. Sounds like a nice mix. Mosquitoes? They like my blood too. We are fortunate to live in an area that they do not inhabit.

  3. Boots, socks, and long sleeved light coloured shirts keep most of the skeeters at bay. Either that or he just don't taste as sweet as you do.

  4. You know you taste better than the Cowboy does. The bugs like me a whole lot better than Jim also and DEET is my friend. That is a really great picture of you two.

  5. Love the photo of you two, really special !!! That one needs a frame !!!

  6. That IS "Handsome Couple".... Your blog is always filled with fun...

  7. It is interesting how it always seems one person in a couple is the one the mosquitoes choose. That person would be me. If there is a biter anyway near, they will find me!!

    You and the cowboy look great. That is a keeper photo for sure:)

  8. Beautiful photo of the two of you...frame worthy! You get bit by mosquitoes because you are a lot sweeter than the cowboy! Works for me!! :o))

    1. I agree - great photo of you two!!

  9. Now look at that picture of the two of you and ask yourself - who is the mosquito going to go after? Huh? The Cowboy is likely going to be just too much work!

    It's a great picture. Enjoy your perfect summer weather and stay safe.

  10. Deet is about the only thing that I've found that works too. It makes summers in the north possible for me. ;)

  11. My daughter tried cooking vanilla, and it seems to work for her. Worth a try!!!!

  12. I'm allergic to all chemicals and am the mosquito target here so I can't do anything but sympathize. I'm hardly sweet so that isn't it. I agree with all, that's a fabulous picture of a cowboy and his gal.


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