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Saturday, June 21, 2014

OK Mike, Here It Is

IMG_1641As we began discussing this Alaska trip and truck campers, the cowboy started looking for trucks.  His 1995 truck would probably take us to Alaska and back but it is a single cab—no space to store anything—and we are traveling in a truck camper which has almost zero outside storage.  So, the cowboy has been searching.

We’ve had a difference of opinion regarding the age of the truck we were looking for.  Michael is so disillusioned with newer Ford vehicles after having to remove the engine from our 2004 in order to replace the injectors.  He wanted a vintage truck he could confidently work on, I wanted a newer one.  I refused to buy a truck with a zillion miles on it or one that had been beaten around a ranch for years. 

Last Monday this truck popped up on Craigslist—it’s a 1997 one ton, one owner with only 60,000 actual miles.  The former owner used the truck to pull a large 5th wheel to Yuma, AZ and back to Montana every year—the rest of the time it was garaged.  The guy who owned the truck ordered a basic Ford and then had it customized—thus the paint job and the upholstery.

IMG_1642IMG_1645The trim is real wood, the upholstery is leather.  In the back of the truck is an extra fuel tank with an electric pump and a custom painted tool box plus a 5th wheel hitch—the cowboy is probably going to try selling all that stuff. 

We are both pleased with the truck, Michael drove it home and loved the way it handled.  Today we got out and washed off the mud we acquired coming home Monday night in a rainstorm and I used my carpet cleaner to shampoo the carpets. 

So there you have it Mike McFall—our secret revealed. Smile

This afternoon about 6pm we had our daily thunderstorm—this one was a touch wild for a while! 


  1. I've never known anyone that goes through as many vehicles, trailers, RVs, etc., than you guys do. Holy mackerel!

    1. I beg to differ ... LOL

  2. Pretty styling! Looks like a great outfit.

  3. Secrets out !!!!!! Terrific find ..... Sure fills the bill for the trip !!!! You are both terrific at finding items that are just what you need ... You and Michael and Al and Kelly are such great " seek and find " shoppers !!!!
    That custom work is something and 60,000 miles ....... Get that truck rollin'

  4. Thanks, nice truck,,,,,,Is it gaz or a diezel?;-)

  5. Nice truck. As others have said, you guys can find some deals.

  6. Now that is quite the find. Only 60,000 miles? If it is a diesel engine, it's just broken in. I love the paint job too. That should by you some nice comfort on the road to and back from Alaska.

  7. You'll definitely be able to find it in the parking lot. That's why I like our wind deflector - I can always find the truck especially here in MT where everybody drives a truck. I think you got yourselves a deal (even if it is a Ford).

  8. Now all you have to do is get the camper painted to match! Looks like a comfy ride for your great adventure north.

  9. What a deal - only 60,000 miles - almost new. With that snazzy paint job you and Mike are going to look like a couple of hippies heading north to Alaska!

  10. Nice truck....wouldn't mind having it myself! Storms here in NE Nebr. were pretty wild earlier this week. Hope the coming week will be lots quieter.

  11. Seems to be a perfect match. I hope it serves you well!!!


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