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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Jeep Tour

Another sunny beautiful day in Arizona and we all decided to head off on a Jeep tour with Linda and Jim in the lead-- Jeep Tour our leader this is the last pavement we would see for most of the day!  We left Tombstone and headed out Gleeson Road.

First stop was at one of the strangest places I have ever seen, Rattlesnake Crafts and Rocks.  The outside museum with all its treasures was highly entertaining but I didn’t like the rattlesnake jewelry/wallets/belts not one bit—gave me the creeps—I hate rattlesnakes!

Jeep Tour Linda and Jim Jim and Linda

Jeep Tour Stickem Up Stick’em Up mister!

Jeep Tour Rattlesnake man

Jeep Tour 2 cowboys Two good looking cowboys.

Jeep Tour sign for Rollie Noticed this sign and thought Rollie might enjoy it—look at the bottom line.

On to Ghost Town Trail where we saw the ruins of the ghost community of Courtland--Jeep Tour ruins at Courtland We decided this looked like a good place to enjoy our picnic lunch, too.  Didn’t see or hear any ghosts.

On to Pearce then Middlemarch Road over the top of the Dragoon Mountains back to Tombstone.  It was a beautiful day and beautiful scenery, we even saw a little snow up on top of the mountain--Jeep Tour what is that white stuff

Jeep Tour view from on top of the Dragoons The view from on top back toward the Chiricahua Mountains in the distance with snow on top.

When we bought the Jeep we knew it would be fun to have down here in Arizona and today proved it!  We are going to have a ball, thank you Jim and Linda for being our tour guides.

We are off to the Depot in Tombstone for dinner.


  1. Your post makes us miss AZ a lot! Such great scenery and fun western places. Thanks for taking us back.

  2. Looks like you had a great time with your Jeep. There are lots of adventures waiting for you in the desert. Keep on having fun...

  3. Could any of those roads be done in a regular little car, or only in a jeep?

  4. Great blog and pictures. For a minute there, I thought I was in back of Bayfield Al's Jeep as he traveled that same route not long ago.

    It's always nice to get another blogger's perspective and twice as good when they both enjoy visiting the same place.

  5. a perfect jeep times two day!!..thanks for the ride!!

  6. Quite the adventure! Handsome cowboys, ghost town, and rattlesnake jewelry!
    Can't wait to hear about Tombstone!
    Blessings, K

  7. Great sign Janna. Good thing Mike didn't have to worry about those issues on his first trip there.LOL Loved the pictures.

    Miss Y'all,
    Rollie & Gina

  8. Gotta love those Jeep tours eh:)) We are so happy we made the Jeep decision this past summer as well. Wiithout the Jeep this winter we would have already missed a lot of great places. Jeeps rock:)) To answer Emma's question....yes, that Middlemarch Pass is doable by car. We drove our Hyundai Santa Fe over there last winter with no problem. Just a bit bumpy in a few spots....

  9. Your jeeping run sure looked like fun... I hope our little Tracker can keep up on such trips too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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